Month: June 2015

LGBTQ Picturebooks

In honour of LGBT Pride Month, I’ve put together a quick list of LGBTQ picturebooks for kids. I haven’t finished tagging many books from T-Z (I’m working through alphabetically), but I will add to the list as I tag more.

  • 10,000 dresses
Type Book
Author Marcus Ewert
Author Rex Ray
Place New York
Publisher Seven Stories Press
ISBN 9781583228500 1583228500
Date 2008
Library Catalog Open WorldCat
Language English
Abstract Bailey longs to wear the beautiful dresses of her dreams but is ridiculed by her unsympathetic family which rejects her true perception of herself. Every night Bailey dreams about magical dresses; dresses made of crystals and rainbows and flowers, even dresses made of windows. But when Bailey’s awake no one wants to hear about these beautiful dreams. Then Bailey meets Laurel, an older girl who is inspired by Bailey’s imagination. The two of them begin making dresses together, and Bailey’s dreams come true.
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    • Ages 5-9
    • Fiction
    • Gender Stereotypes
    • Grade K-4
    • LGBTQ
    • LM 540L
    • Masculinity
    • Picturebook



Parents in Prison

The project isn’t quite finished yet, but I have enough that I can begin to create specialized lists on request. If I find more books as I complete the project, I will edit the list later to make additions. Someone on Twitter asked Guardian Children’s Books for kids books for children with incarcerated parents. As ‘Parents in Prison’ is one of my subject tags, I thought I would create a list and make it available. I haven’t read most of these, so I won’t make any specific recommendations, but I would welcome feedback or additions to the list.

  • Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart
Type Book
Author Vera B. Williams
Edition Reprint edition
Publisher Greenwillow Books
ISBN 0060571829
Date March 2, 2004
Library Catalog
Language English
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    • Adversity
    • Ages 7+
    • Chapter Book
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    • Grade 2-7
    • Parent in Prison
    • Poetry
    • Prisons
    • Strong Female